Stephanie Brown

Transcend space and time through the healing power of touch.

My name is Stephanie...
From a young age, I knew I had a gift when it came to helping others.  I was always able to tune into other people’s feelings and had an intuitive knowing of how to help people feel better.  I went to college for Psychology at the George Washington University, and while I was earning my BA, I worked at a metaphysical shop where I delved into the world of herbs, oils, crystals, and alternative/holistic healing.  I learned about Reiki and energy healing and began my journey to learn as much as possible regarding the spirit world, magick, spirituality, ways to heal and balance the mind, body, spirit connection, and so much more. 

After graduating, I moved back to Massachusetts and worked in mental health at a residential and day program for individuals with cognitive and developmental delays struggling with behavioral disorders.  I was there for several years when I started to recognize the multidimensional nature of illness, especially mental illness.  I decided to continue where I left off with my alternative health and wellness studies, as they allowed me to integrate all facets of being human and varied healing paths.

I switched directions in my career and became a licensed massage therapist and a Reiki Master Teacher.  I soon discovered I was able to channel healing abilities from the spirit world, and could pass on these gifts during treatments.  I have studied earth medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic principles of healing, craniosacral therapy, and heart centered healing.  I completed training in mediumship, herbalism, shamanism, and animal communication.  I am particularly fond of crystals, herbal remedies, essential oils, and potions and I make my own line of aromatherapy and skincare products.